“There aren't many Mardi Gras celebrations in the Northeast. Brass bands are scarce. Streets are so narrow, curvy and paved with permit restrictions that parades are hard to organize. And it's so cold in February that it takes a lot of tequila shots to get someone to flash a crowd from a balcony. But in 2005, local artists and musicians broke with non-tradition and formed BlackRock Rocks Mardi Gras to benefit survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Today, the group holds its third annual celebration at the Acoustic Cafe. ... The venue will serve up Creole cuisine, all kinds of mixed drinks and Louisiana's own Abita Beer. And the music lineup is enough to fill up an all-day festival...  Proceeds will ... help musicians come back to the Crescent City they helped define. Get the party rolling in Bridgeport to get it rolling again in New Orleans. Thank you, BlackRock Rocks for a night that's decadent and indulgent and charitable and benevolent.”  

Carnival de BeePo

Fairfield County Weekly 2008


Links and press featuring BlackRock Rocks efforts to raise money for its community. BlackRock Rocks has also been featured on Doingitlocal.com, CTpost.com and Ctnow.com among many other social sites and blogs.

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